Team Martindale.

About Us

Meet Mike and Debbie

We haven't always been super fit, and we haven't always been coaches. In fact, we started out just trying to get in shape for our wedding in spring 2006. We stumbled upon a little known program called P90X in a magazine and decided to give it a try. Who knew where that would lead us?! We got into such fantastic shape, that people started asking us what we did to lose the weight.

At the time the Team Beachbody Coach program was only just getting started, and it wasn't until years later that we discovered we could actually help people get the same results we did on a much larger scale than just those friends and family members in our immediate circle.

Debbie became a coach in April of 2010, and Mike followed shortly after in August of that same year. Debbie has taken her love of fitness into the group fitness realm, becoming a Certified Instructor in TurboKick, HipHopHUSTLE, Insanity and most recently PiYo Strength.

We work hard, just like you

We both feel very strongly about following our own advice, and we'll never ask you to do anything that we haven't already done or are currently doing ourselves! We experience the exact same struggles with lack of time, parties full of bad food, long days, and life's little interjections. In short, we're human! But we also feel that because we're in the trenches with you, it gives us a unique perspective to be able to help you solve your own daily challenges with creative solutions we've found for our own problems.

We operate Beachbody by adhering to four core values: